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The Company Affero's mission is to bring a culture of patronage to the Internet.

What is Affero?
So maybe you are wondering "what the heck is this Affero page I just landed on?"  The owner of this page has signed up with Affero and created this personal web page so that those they help out can have a way to thank him/her. You may says THANKS on this page with a rating/comment or even a monetary donation.   

The Affero Reputation System tracks all interactions in the system and allows anyone to see who has helped out and who has taken the time to say "thanks" with affero.  This public user history is accessible from each users' affero personal rate/donate page by clicking on their username.  

How do I know I can trust Affero to process my information/donation?

All donations made through Affero are held in a Trust Account until being dispersed to intended beneficiaries and these funds are not co-mingled with Affero Inc.'s general operating account. Affero, Inc. acts solely as an agent to transfer funds from donors to beneficiaries and legally has no access to these funds for any other purpose. A small administration fee is added to each donation to cover Affero, Inc.'s costs. Currently credit cards are accepted for donations which are verified and processed through Card Services International and a valid Thawte certificate to ensure secure transmissions of your information.

We do NOT send unsolicited mail to our members, and we do not, under any circumstances, sell our list of members and their information to others.

What can I do with Affero?

If you too provide valuable information in online communities or are the author of digital work, represented by posts in help forums, email, web logs (blogs), newsletters, articles and other forms of digital media, then you can use Affero to allow others to thank you through ratings, comments and donations to worthy causes that you care about.  And hey, if you are one of those people that are still just a "newbie" at something - YOU can use Affero to show your appreciation for those who have had the infinite patience with you and helped you out in all the ways they have.

How do I get started?

Simply register (one way you can register is at the time you leave a rating/comment for the first time) and you are assigned a unique web address (URL). Once you attach this URL to your digital content, others can recognize you with reputation points and or financial contributions. 

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